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Le Mathilde, Electric bike with large all-purpose tires



The Mathilde is a folding electric bicycle with large wheels mounted on 20 inch rims with bulky 4 inch tires, that is to say more than 10 centimeters of contact surface.

Like any good fat bike, we get from the rim to the edge of the tire almost 8 centimeters of air cushion which generates great inertia with few pedal strokes, which makes riding with the Mathilde a real pleasure. . Thanks to these 8 centimeters of natural suspension, we will be able to circulate on uneven terrain at high speeds, feeling how these corpulent tires absorb any anomaly on the road.

The Mathilde folding Fatbike can be acquired with an 8FUN motor in the rear wheel in its 36V - 250W version with a maximum speed of 25 km / h, or the powerful 36V - 500W motor which reaches speeds of around 42 km / h, designed to take advantage of offroad paths, climb large slopes, etc.

The power is provided by the 8FUN motor, and the autonomy is taken care of by the Samsung battery of 36V x 11Ah, expandable according to the requirements of the journey and daily use. In the rear part, under the saddle along the vertical bar of the frame, is the Samsung 29E battery pack, which can accommodate up to 17.4 ampere-hours.

SHIMANNO M375 160mm disc brakes stop this mini beaSHIMANNO M375 160mm disc brakes stop this mini beast in the face of anything unexpected. As a safety measure, motor disconnection sensors are present on both levers: once lightly actuated, the electrical system is deactivated immediately.

The Mathilde emerges as one of the most comfortable folding electric bikes on the market and to demonstrate it, apart from its two “mattresses” in the wheels, it is fitted as standard with a BLK spring saddle reinforced with a comfortable PROMAX suspension in the seat post. Not to mention the front and rear LED lights, with special attention to the high power multiled headlight located in the front part and controlled from the console, sufficient to illuminate any area where we drive.

From the control console located in the handlebars, we turn the electrical system on and off, the LED lamps and we can choose between the three levels of electric assistance in the case of the LED console, or between five levels of assistance with the digital display console, more suitable for 500W motors to manage their wide range of speeds.

The skeleton is formed from a 6061 aluminum frame with a 5 year warranty.
One of the advantages of the Mathilde is its frame, which can be easily folded thanks to an efficient double folding system. First we find the lever that releases the mechanism. Once uncovered, an intelligent vertical movement releases the clip which crosses the entire system.

A Shimano Altus 7-speed derailleur will help to select the best gear ratio according to the orography of the terrain and to manage the engine power by working jointly between the different levels of electric assistance.

The foldable and height-adjustable Promax handlebar, where we will find the control console, the bell and the gear controls, will act as a rudder as we cross the everyday jungle to our destination.
The tires are now black with white wall regardless of the frame color.
Please inquire about the availability of colors in advance.

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